Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's talk about subtexts: prejudice and bigotry?

This is a thread of comments on the recent article in the Mail Tribune.
Sorry, your lifestyle is illegal. Get on the consumption/destruction bandwagon like everyone else. Don't you want that big expensive house and the tax bill that comes with it? Don't you want to buy a house and see it's value drop in a few years to half of what you paid? Sure you do. Welcome to the new America.
No Darryl they want others to provide for them. Donate to buy them land. I have heard about how they have totally trashed the land they are on. Take a drive up to their camp. They have no respect for the land. They just want to live off the grid. That's fine. Just don't expect the tax payers to provide. Let them set up in your yard Darryl. I'm sure you won't mind cleaning up their mess.
Ed Keller-
I have visited the Tipi village on several occasions over the years and I can say they are immaculate in their Care for the Land. The above hearsay about the Tipi Villagers "trashing the Land" is absolutely ridiculous. Completely unmerited. That is why the previous landowners were happy to have them there, for YEARS, taking very good care of the land and actively managing the forest surrounding them.
I am curious where Mr/Mrs Commentsviewer got these false reports and the idea that somehow tax dollors are to support their project. Again..inaccurate.
A non-profit trust collecting donations for a land based project is as "Normal" and respectable as any mainstream project. These folks seem to have a different outlook (as is satirized in darryl.edingtons comment) that they have no desire to buy into the mainstream debt-based lifestyle. That is commendable in my opinion.
Land Liberation Project-
Thanks for extending the invitation to come visit; Tipi Village is open to all! We are happy to provide for ourselves and we ask for the basic human right to subsist and access to the land and means to sustain ourselves. We are happy to help anyone who wishes to learn how to make themselves a home and grow themselves food.
We have not trashed the land. Over the years hundreds of people have experienced first hand, deeply, for more than a few minutes of prejudiced perception, the powerful beauty of living together with our planet, through the place held open by Tipi Village. The people who have complained have never addressed complaints directly (to me, anyway) and seem to have had some personal agenda as to their entitlement for giving a public review of my home and life. It would be mean spirited and uncaring if I were to go to your home, 'commentsviewer' and decide to trash you, publicly, about how you live.
I, personally, have taken truckloads of trash out to the transfer station, most of which arrives at hunting season and also a lot that was here when we first came to live here. I have also taken trash away from others, not accountable to Tipi Village, who have decided to camp (usually in a 'nylon nightmare' tent) nearby or out of season.
Furthermore, the other parties interested in buying the land upon which we live intend to sell it to the BLM, thereby restricting access to all of us whilst giving us, the taxpayers, no choice in having to buy it.
Feel welcome to bring up any other pretexts, once we've addressed them all we can begin to talk about subtexts: prejudice and bigotry?


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