Friday, March 7, 2014

We'll take the premise of Love, thanks!

A few days ago I was on the phone with a woman from Costa Rica, enquiring about a Rogue Dwellings tipi. We had a decent chat as she'd read this blog. She asked,"Do you want to buy land?" and I replied, after a pause,"No. The inspiration is to keep on doing what we're doing; living nomadically and lightly."- Unmolested. That doesn't preclude 'buying land', and that might be how this unfolds, but what's important to state clearly here is that the inspiration which is our motivation is non-attachment and nomadism; living with our Earth as a conscious part of the Gaia super-organism.
I can easily fall into self-righteous indignation when I focus on the injustice of The World and some of that came with my previous post, with comments about a Malibu beach house. I'm not going to retract those words because I do feel indignant towards the grossly unequal distribution of the externals (land, food, clothing, shelter) when there is patently more than enough for everyone. The Earth is bountyful. There is no need for scarcety.
So I'd like to address the 'fight'. Because fighting is really inefficient. There's too much to take care of for the collective right now, if we are to maintain habitability for our unborn generations. I have no point to prove, no ideologies to promote, no conspiracy theories to espouse. I have a life to live in the way I know best and children growing surrounded by a culture with which I have agency and input. Which means to stand my ground and at least question the default mass culture of passive, latent violence, which comes to me now, my sovreignty violated in the form of a court summons and which, should I choose to ignore it, would continue to come to me, more strongly, in uniform, Kevlar and with guns.
To subsist comes from the latin sub + sistere. It means to stand firm, to be, to exist.
The conspiracy is in the network and we can easily find ourselves, especially if we feel we have no agency, power or control in our lives, participating. Con- (with) spire (breath, spirit). We are the conspiracy when we breath together. When we breathe, conspire with things that inspire then we have power, collectively. We can give our power to something greater, with which we are aligned, and then the mal-aligned aspects wither with lack of power or belief. It's a process because part of that malignancy is fear and fear when shunned or surpressed becomes disproportionately powerful. Fear and fearful ways are to be intergrated, brought into the whole and utilised.
And it's all a journey of discovery for me because right now there is fear coming up and the best I can do for me, my family, for you is to feel it and trust it and avoid being motivated by it. To love it and be motivated by that love.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Balance with Beauty...

Don't Panic!

We've been summonsed to appear at the court in Medford this Monday (tenth of March) for trespass under the threat of eviction.
A private detective came skidding through the mud in his loafers to serve the papers, although they also came in the mail. He was friendly enough but refused hospitality and stayed standing in the doorway of our lodge until Kayla went and got him a stool to sit on.
The papers say we're squatters and we're holding the land by force. Neither of which are true.
If we fail to appear then the sheriff will most likely be called and we'll be "physically removed". We're ankle deep in mud in places and it's hard to see how we'll be able to move this time of year. And we have nowhere to go. Perhaps the sheriff and his deputies will help us strike our lodges and carry our belongings out? Or perhaps they'll stand around watching. Or maybe they'll pepper spray us and handcuff us and take our children away. Or perhaps they will break down weeping at prosecuting unjust laws on ordinary people...
It's a stress best avoided, especially for the children, so we'll be appearing on Monday to ask for more time and let the courts etc. know that there is no intention for us to stay beyond May and remind them that we're nomadic and that we move after the rains, anyway.
We're harming no-one, we are families raising our children in the way we know best. Living as directly and accountably as possible.
The plaintiff has some massive inheritance tax/ debts and is desperate to liquidate their thousands of wild, uninhabited acres.
They have a beach house in Malibu, next to Oprah Winfrey's, that they don't want to loose. I don't know if our presence on this small plot blocks any sale. This is where the Dominant Paradigm meets us and we work out how to maintain integrity with it.
We find ourselves on the 'wrong' side of the law because we don't have unlimited access to lawyers and money. We live fairly hand-to-mouth, which is dynamic, though there's little room for waste. We'll see what happens in court and what moral values the court holds, if it is just. Or if it upholds the values of the 'property' owners over those of the common person.
We'll keep posting updates on the process.
We're very open to guidance right now; be it law related or land related.
More strongly: Help, now!