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Tipi Village
1064 Buckhorn Springs Rd
Ashland, OR 97520



  1. Hello

    The Tipi Village seems like wonderful place. Some suggestions. You might want to create special tipis, say 10', for contributors of $3000 painted with vision images. You could host events that teach living on the land skills, such as this one.

    This would create an industry in harmony with the land.

    With the above you might be able to negotiate with the trust and county to form a mutual enterprise.

    Good Fortune to you.

  2. Hello

    Here is a local intentional community that seems in harmony with the Tipi Village's own way of life, perhaps some type of alliance may be in order.

    Good fortune to you.

  3. Hi there. Ah, I sigh with relief when I read about your misfortune. Don't let it get you down. I am a good person that is continually assaulted with misfortune. Deportations; forced separations; being born in a miserable racist state; child abuse; born unattractive; and well, after 30 years I've learned to embrace it. We are the wretched of the earth; the colonizers don't like us; and they trained our neighbors to reject us. The only friends in Turtle island want our money. But don't let this misery cause you despair; we are survivors and when death comes it will be a relief. Embrace your suffering; and transform it into nourishment. We are tough; they are pretty and weak.