Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Morning After the Benefit Gig (an audio clip)

The Benefit for the Land Liberation Project was a success on many levels.  It began with delicious food and drink (despite the fact that much of it was forgotten at Tipi Village, only to become a feast for the squirrels).  A panel discussion came next, which had it's awkward moments.  The stage, microphones and bright lights are unfamiliar territory (to many of us), but that was slowly overcome.  What was more difficult I think was keeping a focused discussion between the villagers and the audience.  Good beginnings of a public discourse around 'place' for so many displaced people right now and bringing it home, close and personal.  Much was learned about the art and craft of presentation/discussion and we are looking forward to organizing a proper, solid, focused presentation and panel.  Folk stayed late while musicians brought a wonderful life to the event.  Thank you all who participated.

Click the link below to listen to a piece of conversation between some villagers the morning after (Helena, Kayla and Ande).  It begins with the question 'why is there an inspiration to share about Tipi Village and the Land Liberation Project?"

And stay tuned for details of the upcoming Land Liberation Project presentation and discussion by co-founders Ande and Kayla Blanchflower.

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