Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Raffle Draw

Thanks for all who joined in with the raffle. You not only contributed to and empowered the Land Liberation Project, (which is still a new introduction to a much older way of understanding human place within the world), you also helped someone get a prize!
The draw took place earlier this evening on October 1st 2013. Video of the drawing will be posted. The winners are as follows:
Rogue Dwellings Tipi: Monica Roxburgh
Adult Tricycle: Patti Browning
1hr professional massage by Jimmy Nacey: Rachel Rose
Artwork by Lindy Kehoe: (no name; only phone number provided)
Hooded scarf by Fair Ophelia Designs: Leslie Lanes
Feldenkrais session: Joshua Young
Antler handled knife: Lindsay
West African drum lesson: Celia Peel
Congratulations winners, we'll be in touch about how to collect your prizes!

Watch the draw in two parts (the battery died so we had to switch cameras).....
                                             Part One:


                                              Part Two:

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