Thursday, August 29, 2013


   This is more than a story, as the end is yet unwritten. This is the moment of possibility. A dandelion through the concrete, it is alive. We are Tipi Village, a collective of families and single people, young and old dedicated to living on the ground, around the fire, migrating seasonally in dwellings we manifest with our hands and feet.  Established since 2008, the village moves in spring and autumn from the high mountains of the Cascade-Siskiyous of Southern Oregon, to the valley below.  Fetching wood and carrying water are daily practices.  Children are born here, our blood and tears are in this soil, the echoes of our laughter are in these mountains, we hope to die here.  Our priorities and inspiration are maintaining and cultivating a way of living which is spiritually and physically harmonious with the land, flora and fauna. Fauna including ourselves and our relationships and their names.

   After a five year relationship with the private “owner” of the land on which we reside, we have been offered an opportunity to purchase this land.  There is a wealthy neighbour who intends to buy it, have us removed and then sell the land to the national monument for preservation in exclusion of living, human relationship.  We feel strongly that re-introducing humanity and wild, inside and outside, is of great importance at this time.  Wildness is a neglected aspect of much of our species, especially in the industrialized world.  Humans can live symbiotically with mother earth.

   We have no interest in 'owning property' (how can we own that which holds us?) so we have come up with the Land Liberation Project.  Land that is part of The Project will never again be sold, will belong to no 'one' and shall maintain an open place for all who have the inspiration to live in harmony, low-impact, movable.

   This message is a call for help, guidance, ideas, money.  We have until the 1st of October, 2013 to raise $300,000. We have fiscal sponsorship from The Way Foundation (EarthTeach) which has non-profit status.  We're reaching out in all directions.

   This is where we call upon you to become we and participate in this project of unprecedented movement. Together, we can free this land. Free ourselves.

Financial Contributions are tax deductible and can be sent to:
Tipi Village Land Liberation Fund
c/o The Way Foundation (EarthTeach)
10025 Dead Indian Memorial Road
Ashland, OR 97520

The Village maintains an open place for all who have the inspiration and intention to participate. The Big Lodge is our central community space, a 27' tipi used for musical gatherings, talking circles, ceremonies, shared meals and as a place for guests, visitors and all newcomer. For more information regarding visiting Tipi Village, click here.

              Ways In Which To Participate!! 


1: Spend some time in the Big Lodge, bring a bed roll

2: Buy a 'Coyote Share'. Shares are $1000 each. A share is an ongoing connection to The Project. It's a way of stating a clear intention of support and it's a stake in the future. It all     ows for continuation. The term 'Coyote Share' comes from the new paradigm thinking of 'owning' 'free' land. It subverts the notion that land can ever actually be 'owned' and it empowers the relationship between one and Mother Earth.

3: Buy a raffle ticket. Tickets are $3 each. Prizes include a 13' Rogue Dwellings tipi, with poles. An obsidian, horn handled knife. A tricycle. A 1hr massage from a licensed therapist. Lindy Kehoe artwork. More prizes are being contributed all the time (another way to participate). The draw will be on the 1st of October and winners will be announced here. To buy tickets online use the paypal donate button above and include your name and phone number in the note; we'll fill out a ticket and put it in the hat. You can also send money to The Way Foundation (address above). Be sure to make a note that the contribution is for Land Liberation Project (LLP).

4: Make a straight, simple donation of any amount, by the same above methods.

5: Spread the word about the cause, pass this blog address on to everyone you know even if you think they might not be interested. Find us on Facebook: 
Striking sparks in dry tinder can make a big fire.

6: Watch, like and share our short video at

Contribute there and receive a gift.

All contributions will go towards the Land Liberation Project for purchasing land. Large or small, all are most welcome and necessary. The Land Liberation Project extends beyond the current deadline of the sale of the Summer Lands.

Go on, do it! Join in! But be careful, you might not get out! Big love and hugs from us all.

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