Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dear friends and family

Dear friends and family,
This is solidarity, not charity. 
This is more than a possibility, as we know it works. 
A harmonious way forward that is inclusive to all.
Our birthright here on the great earth mother.
I sit here now, on the ground, next to the hearth in my home of canvas and pole,
writing to you and praying to something bigger.
There must be a place for us to live as one with wildness. 
For years I have cultivated this internally and with my family. 
And now, the law is needing to be integrated. 
I suppose we as a village could walk away, and hide in the woods elsewhere.
My inspiration whispers to me.....
It may be time to share this now....
Where are you?  People who love the land, who value a deep relationship with it, who recognize that we can not own the earth?  Come forth.  We need you now.  For real.  Right now.

Donate.  Nothing is too small.  33 days left and tens of thousands more to raise.



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