Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Letter to a tipi enthusiasts newsgroup

The following is a response to the Lodge Owners newsgroup to which I am subscribed:

Thanks the feedback. Yes, landowners have more 'rights' than the people who dwell in a place. That seems to have been the history of settlement in this Turtle Island. The current landowners have left us, largely, to our own governance and, of course, it's not been without difficulty (but also a massive dose of harmony). The group proposing to buy and evict the community are intending to sell the land back to the federal government, as a part of the Soda Mountain National Monument. Which is not compatible with nomadic human use, apparently. We can see the touch of millennia of human interaction in this land. The land thrives as people thrive and interact symbiotically. Preserving land is as detrimental as logging and fire suppression. Many species are disappearing through the lack of regular burning and then through the catastrophic effects of huge fires when there's been too much fuel build up. The land lives as we do We have 501(c)3 status under The Way Foundation (Earth Teach Forest Park).The land will be owned by the trust and will never be sold. We know that Mother Earth is always there, stopping us from hurtling towards the Sun and we know how to move swiftly, pitch and strike our lodges and roll out our beds, stay in a place for a night, couple of weeks or, in this case, a few years. A big part of the inspiration of The Project is to be an example, or maintain an option within western industrialization, of how to live with Earth. No other structure, to my knowledge, facilitates this like a tipi does. When it comes to income we are autonomous within the collective. I have a tipi making business, completely off grid, off road, treadle powered. Others widcraft, tan hides, make bows. The Village is an ongoing workshop, in some senses. It's of paramount importance to maintain openness to anyone, while we acknowledge that this way is not for everyone, extractivist exploitation is recognised as completely unsustainable. Please don't hesitate to join in. Through my kids born here I can see that we're talking about the healthy future of humanity, tipping the long overdue paradigm shift that is really close... Thanks All! Ande landliberationproject.blogspot.com

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