Friday, August 15, 2014

Moving the Gateposts

The BLM authorised a feller to put gateposts at the end of our driveway on Soda Mountain Road.
Seems like an act of aggression from where I stand.

Police Major Ronnie Robinson, speaking about a shift in tactics following the Ferguson riots said,
“Any time a community and a people are willing to break the law to get the law, you’ve gotta pay attention to that. They have cried out to us and now we need to give them the attention they deserve.”

We're reaching out in a civil way and asking for communication. We know that this blog is read widely and we have been sending messages to the relevant parties with no response. Hopefully we can come to a consensus before calling in mediation. We don't want to break your laws and we don't really want to start naming names, but if you're passive-aggressively denying access to the ancestral homelands of my children, I honestly am running out of ideas of ways forward here.

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