Saturday, August 16, 2014

A common question: how can the average person help?

This is a response to those of you with the question of 'how can the average person help?'

We are experiencing a strong wider circle of folk who don't live here but resonate with the vision/mission and are participating in unique ways. Ranging from the structuring of the trust and conservation aspects, working towards getting codes changed to accommodate low-impact living, to more immediate matters including relevant phone calls/emails. The understanding has begun that this project is for more than the folk living here. Inspired people with activated and busy lives have begun to show up, physically, to sit in council together and vision great things as well as sit in a more left brain way in a 'meeting' with lots of writing and 'brainstorming' (and other left-brainy kind of stuff). 
Someone said recently "how are you guys gonna chop wood and change laws?". An answer: a wider circle of folk other than those living here who see the greater benefit is how! 

Come sit in council, and pass a stick.
Contribute to the magic hat.
Write an article to your favorite publication.
Share the stories of this process unfolding, your own and ours.
Contact any rich folk who would like to give some of that money to a good place and get a deduction.
Sign the petition to get One Planet Development in Oregon under way.

Last summer when we launched this liberation project loads of ideas came flooding in, too many for us here to realistically embody but any dreamer can do the manifesting too! 

So, there is a spectrum. The least one can do to 'help' is to click like, but the most one can do, and this one is radical and has the potential to make a massive world change, is to stop paying your rent and mortgage! Just plain stop. You do not owe anyone anything for your place on this rotating planet. Know that, and claim it. We belong to the earth and we actually owe  *her*  if there is any owing to be done.

And one more...... Those of you who have an arrest to give, consider Tipi Village. Seriously. 

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