Tipi Village Manifesto

Tipi Village Manifesto

The ongoing collective mission, highest vision and core intention of Tipi Village is to cultivate the culture of living with the elements in the wilderness, directly and accountably.  The fundamental inspirations are as follows:

-To live -literally- lightly on the ground around the fire, in low-impact, moveable dwellings and to migrate seasonally in the spring and autumn.
-To maintain an open place for all who have the inspiration and intention to participate.
-To be a repository for traditional ways of being, cultivating and manifesting and to foster a place where learning of these ways can occur.
-To have and be a strong spiritual focus through essential daily practices such as fetching wood and carrying water.
-For each individual to have a direct relationship with their place on the land.
-To be free of chainsaws, generators and fossil fueled machinery.
-For no further roads to be made, buildings built or concrete foundations poured.
-To be reverent and respectful towards our physical, social, psychic and spiritual environment.

This is our prayer.  To all of creation.

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  1. This way of living is inspiring. I hope you guys find a place to live in the winter. Follow our instincts.